Making it Personal

Making it Personal

Have kids who love to draw, doodle, and create? Suddenly as if overnight, I found myself presented with sheet upon sheet of drawings. Behind each drawing were two little eyes beaming with pride - “Here mummy, I drew this for you”. I started to beg the question, what do I do with all these little and scribbled drawings - it was easy to quietly recycle them once the children were sleeping. But there were the other drawings, the ones that tug at you, their first word, their first love heart, the first time they drew the two of you together enjoying a moment. What do you do with these ones?

What happens when that special drawing is plastered on the wall, on the floor, on a scrunched up piece of paper, hardly beckoning framing or the coveted spot on the overcrowded fridge?

This was my dilemma, my daughter loves to draw, and a ream of paper is a beckoning challenge. Her most special pieces were so small, or the paper scrunched or had traces of the morning’s breakfast. So this is where I started - I wanted to hold onto these moments of connection. I searched but nowhere in New Zealand was creating pieces close to what I wanted so in June of last year I started researching and launched The lil Heart so you can experience the magic of keep their drawings for a lifetime too.

doodles and art drawings turned into personal sterling silver jewellery

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