Collection: Fingerprint Jewellery

Introducing Makaurangi Collection - A Tribute to Unique Connections

Experience the beauty of Makaurangi, a collection inspired by the intricate patterns left by our fingertips on surfaces we touch. This exceptional blend of traditional and contemporary designs offers a heartfelt way to keep your loved one's fingerprints close at hand. Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted in New Zealand, celebrating the cherished bond we share with those we hold dear. Our personalised jewellery captures the essence of individuality, creating meaningful keepsakes that embody the spirit of love and connection. Discover the joy of wearing a piece from the Makaurangi Collection, an exquisite testament to the unique relationships that touch our lives.

Modern Prints: Celebrate Contemporary Elegance

Embrace the essence of modernity with our exquisite modern prints collection. Each piece is crafted with meticulous precision, featuring an ink or paper-based representation of the fingerprint. These contemporary designs showcase the beauty of simplicity and sophistication, capturing the essence of your loved one's unique print. Discover a modern twist on timeless craftsmanship, as we transform fingerprints into wearable art that tells a personal story. With our modern prints collection, you can carry the essence of your loved one's touch with grace and style.

Impression Range: A Personalized Masterpiece

Our impression range is a true testament to the power of personalization. Crafted with care using our silicone impression kit, each piece is an individual masterpiece. The process begins with capturing your loved one's fingerprint impression, preserving the intricate details and unique patterns forever. We then transform these impressions into stunning jewelry, carefully centering the print within each design. With our impression range, you can wear a tangible symbol of the deep connections that shape our lives. Cherish the moments, celebrate the memories, and create a lasting keepsake that embodies the heartfelt bond you share.