Collection: Artwork Turned Into Jewellery

Artwork Turned Into Jewellery: Personalized Pieces from Drawings

Capture the essence of your precious drawings with our collection of jewellery pieces. At Little Heart, we specialise in transforming drawings into personalised keepsakes that tell a story and connect you with your loved ones. From cufflinks and pendants to earrings and keyring, we offer a range of options to turn your artwork into wearable art. We carefully examine each drawing to ensure the best finish while retaining the essence of the original piece. Collaborate with us to create a customized and unique piece of jewellery that reflects your style and captures the spirit of your drawings. Whether it's the earliest marks on paper or intricate drawings of older children, we have the expertise to bring your artwork to life. Discover the joy of wearing personalized art with our artwork turned into jewellery collection. Order your custom piece today and cherish the memories forever.