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Hand and Footprint Jewellery - How it works.

Hand and Footprint Jewellery

A range of personalised pieces designed to perfectly capture a loved one's hand or footprint. The perfect way to remember a special someone or a new life and hold them close. Our heart handprint pendants are popular to capture up to three children, on one pendant.

What is a Mess-Free inkless printing kit?
There are multiple ways to collect prints for your jewellery piece and each method produces a slightly different result. For young children, we recommend our inkless printing kits as they allow you to capture prints without making a mess using paint or ink. Each kit will come with 2-4 sheets of inkless paper and a towelette. Once the towelette is wiped on the hand it leaves a residue and when that hand makes contact with the paper, a print will appear.

We have prints, but fingers moved or are missing?
We can not solve missing fingers! but if there are smudges we can often remove these before proceeding once the prints are emailed to us. If your paper allows it, capture multiple prints and in some cases, we can combine prints to create a full hand! We understand the practicalities of getting clear prints with young children!
Customised pieces of work are always welcome, just email us at hello@thelilheart.co.nz