Question: Do you have a unique design in mind that you don't see on our website?

We absolutely love creating custom pieces based on your unique visions. Please reach out to us at hello@littleheart.co.nz, and let's collaborate to turn your dream into reality.

Question: Where do you source your materials?

Answer: At Little Heart, we prioritise ethically sourced materials. Our sterling silver, gold, necklaces, and precious metals are all responsibly sourced from reputable members of the New Zealand Jewellery and Watch Makers Association where possible. We strive to support local businesses and use eco-conscious and biodegradable paper-based packaging. Our shipping bags are also recyclable.

Question: Who is behind Little Heart Jewellery?

Answer: The face behind Little Heart Jewellery is Katrina, a dedicated Montessori Teacher and a proud parent of two inspiring ballet dancers. Based in Onehunga, Auckland, New Zealand, Katrina is the heart and soul of the business. She is the designer, jeweller, photographer, and manager, ensuring a personal touch in every aspect. In 90% of cases, you will be directly interacting with Katrina. Occasionally, she may receive assistance from her husband and other members during her travels. You can always reach out to her at hello@littleheart.co.nz.

Question: What metals do you offer?

Answer: At Little Heart Jewellery, we primarily create pieces in locally sourced sterling silver. However, we also offer the option to create your jewellery in other metals such as 9k gold (Yellow, Red, and White), or 18k yellow upon request for most pieces.

Question: What do you do with images and photographs?

Answer: At The Little Heart, we believe in celebrating life's special moments and the unique pieces we create. We love sharing behind-the-scenes shots and photographs of some final pieces. Please note that not all pieces will be photographed or shared, but occasionally, we may use these images for marketing or product shots. If you prefer not to have your piece photographed or want any existing images removed, please get in touch with us.

Question: How can I provide my baby's or child's hand, foot, or paw print?

Answer: Capturing your baby's or child's hand, foot, or paw print is easy with The Little Heart. You can use our ink-less printing kit or create the print using paint or other art materials. For the best results, we recommend scanning the print using a photocopier or home scanner and then emailing it to hello@littleheart.co.nz. Alternatively, you can upload the image along with your purchase order on our website. If you prefer to send the print by mail, please address it to Little Heart, PO Box 13419, Onehunga.

Question: How are our fingerprint pendants made?

Answer: Our fingerprint pendants are meticulously crafted using a silicone moulding compound. After taking an impression of your finger, we transfer an exact copy onto the silver or gold. This results in a stunning and unique piece that beautifully captures the details of your fingerprint. The use of a silicone mould offers several advantages, including reduced shrinkage, increased durability, and the ability to recreate the pendant in the future. In some cases, we can even capture more detail using this method. If you have a digital fingerprint, we will refine it digitally before proceeding.

Question: How long does it take to receive my custom piece?
Answer: It typically takes 20-30 business days from receiving all the components, including prints, from you. We do offer an express service, but availability depends on the time of year and our travel schedule. Please note that not all urgent requests can be accommodated.

Question: Can I add personal engravings or messages to my jewellery?

Answer: Yes, we offer professional engraving on most of our pieces. Please budget $55 - $250, depending on the required engraving and the length of the message.

Question: Do you offer gift wrapping or special packaging options?

Answer: All our pieces come in a branded jewellery box and are wrapped ready for gifting.

Question: What is your return or exchange policy?

Answer: We will replace faulty pieces, but scratches, dents, and tarnishing occurring after receiving the item are not considered defects. Chains have a 6-month replacement policy, and care must be taken with all jewellery.

Question: Do you offer international shipping?

Answer: Yes, we offer international shipping. However, acceptance of large international orders or gold orders depends on the location, type, and purchase amount. International credit card and PayPal options are not available for gold pieces. Shipping times for international orders are estimates, and duty and customs are the buyer's responsibility. Please check your local regulations regarding importing gold. Returns are at the buyer's cost, and we will not replace pieces destroyed or undelivered due to incorrect or misleading addresses.

Question: Can I order multiple pieces with different customizations?

Answer: Yes, you can. Please contact us first to discuss at hello@littleheart.co.nz.

Question: How should I care for and clean my jewellery?

Answer: All silver jewellery will tarnish with wear, so please remove it when exercising, cleaning, and swimming. Clean with specialized cleaning products designed for gold and silver jewellery.

Question: Can you create custom designs based on specific themes or symbols?

Answer: Yes, please get in touch to discuss at hello@littleheart.co.nz.

Question: Are your products suitable for sensitive skin or allergies?

Answer: If you can wear sterling silver or gold normally, you should have no difficulty. However, please be aware that many commercially and mass-produced pieces are plated with a thin plastic coating to reduce tarnish and scratching when on display. We do not offer this service.

Question: Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your jewellery?

Answer: We will meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act. However, we will not refund change-of-mind purchases or damage caused by miswear and user damage.

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