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I have something in mind and its not on your Website?
I would absolutely love to create your vision, please email me on hello@thelilheart.co.nz and let's see if we can make that piece a reality. 

Where are your materials sourced from?
All our sterling Silver, Gold, necklaces and other precious metals are sourced from members of the New Zealand Jewellery and Watch Makers Association. We source locally where ever possible, and are mindful that the raw metals have been ethically sourced.

Our packaging is sourced from locally within New Zealand, we use eco friendly and biodegradable paper based packaging where ever possible. Our shipping bags are home compostable.

Who is the face behind Little Heart Jewellery?
At the Little Heart, the majority of the work is done by one person! My name is Katrina, and I run the Little Heart around my two young children, our dog, cats and a tank of tropical fish.

I am the designer, jeweller, photographer, and manager and 99% of your interactions will be with me. On occasion, I may have a family member or two assist me on my travels. Feel free to get in contact at hello@thelilheart.co.nz

What Metals do you have available?
Unless specifically mentioned, our pieces are made locally out of Sterling Silver,  We also can create your pieces in Bronze, Brass, Gold, Fine Silver.  

How do I get my babies or child's hand, foot or paw print to you?
We can provide an ink-less printing kit with your order, or alternatively you can capture your print with paint. Ideally if you can scan this using a photocopier or home scanner, or photograph and email to hello@thelilheart.co.nz, or alternatively this can be uploaded with the purchase of your order. 

How are our fingerprint pendants made?
Our fingerprint pendants are made by taking a impression of your finger into a silicone moulding compound. From here we transfer an exact copy over the silver or gold, before shaping and polishing your piece. 

The benefits of using a mould mean, if your pendant is lost, or you would like another copy in the future, we are able to use this mould to create a new pendant. From a technical level, using a silicone mould also reduces the amount of shrinkage, increases the strength and durability of the finial piece with no visible loss in the level of detail. In fact, we are sometimes able to capture more detail using this method. 

I have a ink print, can you use this?
Absolutely, and we have a whole range of pieces that are bright, modern and unique to you. 

I don't live in Auckland, can you still make me a piece?
Absolutely, we work with clients from all around the world. Your distance will only affect the time it takes for your finished piece to get back to you. 

What happens if my prints are not clear enough?
In the case your prints are not usable, we will get in touch and talk though some possible solutions or refund the cost of the pendant. Please note, we will not refund the cost of the impression kits if we feel the instructions were not followed and you may need to purchase additional material if you would like to try again.

Can you visit me at home to capture my fingerprints?
We can absolutely visit you at home if you live in Auckland or Wellington, Different rates occur for different parts of the city, In general Central refers to 15-20 minutes from the city centre, Greater refers to the outer lying areas. If you live out of Auckland or Wellington, we can arrange a kit or we periodically travel around the country throughout the year. 

Can you put a print on both sides?
Absolutely for our handprints, paw prints, our modern fingerprints taken with an ink kit and handwriting. However, due to the nature of our impression pieces, we are not able to double side at this time, but we are working on it! 

Are your pieces made by hand?
The majority of our pieces are designed from scratch, and custom made to order. We do use a mixture of modern and traditional jewellery techniques to create your piece, we polish the majority of our silver in my studio at home.

We purchase the majority of our chains ready made here in New Zealand, and we may use a range of engraving blanks in some of pieces to save on costs or where is it not economical to you for us to create from scratch.

Difference between Fine Silver and Sterling Silver?
Fine Silver is 99.5% pure silver, Sterling Silver is 92.5% pure silver. Most Jewellery available over the counter is made of Sterling Silver, particularly because of its strength and durability. All silver will tarnish with time, tarnish is a natural process and can be easily removed with proper care.

We can create your piece in either Sterling Silver or Fine Silver, all necklaces and components will be Sterling silver. 

I have a nickle allergy, does your jewellery contain nickel?
All our jewellery pieces contain no nickel. 

How do I take care of my piece?
All our pieces are made of precious metals, all pieces will wear over time or require polishing to remove body oils and tarnish. We advise you store your pendant in a dark, dry place when not being worn. We do not recommend wearing while swimming, showering, or exercising. Pieces may require polishing with a soft cloth from time to time.

What happens with a rush order?
In order to pass savings onto our customers, we normally combine multiple orders when we manufacture, however when the "Rush Order" option is selected at check-out, we process the order immediately and this fee covers these costs in full.

This normally cuts 7-15 days off delivery times. We aim to start processing all rush orders on the day that we receive them. If you require a purchase to be delivered by a particular date, we recommend contacting us prior to your order so that we can advise. Due to the personalised nature of our pieces, some time restraints are beyond our control as we rely on third parties and couriers.

Do you offer refunds?
All our pieces are designed and contain personal elements meaning we are not able to re-sell. We value our customers and will repair or replace faulty items under the Consumer Guarantees Act. We are not able to refund on a change of mind purchases. 

My purchase is a gift, can you post directly?
Our pieces make perfect gifts. We are able to courier directly to the recipient, all pieces arrive gift 
wrapped. Please advise us if you would like to include a note to the recipient. 

How will my Jewellery be sent?
Your piece will be secured within one of our white cardboard Jewellery gift boxes and wrapped securely to reduce movement during transport. We then pop your gift box either within a padded courier bag or within a transport box.

We use recycled or cornstarch compostable bags, and encourage you to recycle or compost these on arrival.

We post with NZ post tracked signature courier, on request we may also use post haste or Urgent Couriers within Auckland. All parcels are tracked, and will require a signature. Tracking information will be automatically sent when your parcel is scanned by the courier at pickup.

Unless requested, we do not include an invoice or receipt as we understand that your piece may be a gift. 

What about shipping internationally?
Due to the nature of jewellery on international couriers, there is an additional charge for postage outside of New Zealand. Receipts and values will be declared accurately on all international orders, the buyer is responsible for any local customs or duty costs.

I have a question?
Please email me at hello@thelilheart.co.nz and I will aim to answer your email within 24 hours.