Silicone Impression Moulds: Creating Lasting Memories

Discover the versatility of silicone impression moulds for capturing precious moments. These moulds offer a convenient way to create multiple pieces of jewellery, ensuring accuracy and the ability to store prints for future creations. At The Little Heart, we understand the value of preserving special memories, and our silicone moulds provide a reliable and efficient method to do so.

How to Take a Silicone Print with a Two-Part Kit:

  1. Prepare the Kit: Gather the two-part silicone impression kit, which includes the base and catalyst. Ensure both components are ready for use.
  2. Mix the Silicone: Following the instructions provided, combine the base and catalyst in the specified ratio. Thoroughly mix the components until they are well blended.
  3. Press the Finger: Gently press the desired finger onto the mixed silicone, applying even pressure to create a clear and defined impression. Hold the finger in place for a few seconds to allow the silicone to set.
  4. Remove and Inspect: Carefully remove the finger from the silicone, leaving behind a detailed impression. Take a moment to inspect the print and ensure it accurately represents the fingerprint.
  5. Cure the Silicone: Leave the silicone print undisturbed in a safe location to allow it to cure fully. Follow the recommended curing time provided in the kit instructions.
  6. Store the Prints: Once the silicone has cured, store the prints in a safe place for future use. These prints can be utilized to create additional pieces down the track.

Checking the Prints and Returning Instructions:

  • Verify the Fingerprint: Examine the silicone print and ensure that the fingerprint is visible and accurately reflects the original finger impression. Note that silicone moulds are not suitable for capturing hand and footprints.
  • Return the Prints: When sending the prints back to us, please ensure they are returned in the box they came in. We kindly request that you return all the containers so that we can recycle them appropriately. Please send the prints to our dedicated postal address:

The Little Heart PO Box 13419 Onehunga Auckland 1061 New Zealand

By following these steps and returning the prints to us, you can trust that your cherished memories are in good hands. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you create meaningful keepsakes that will be treasured for a lifetime.