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The Lil Heart

Fingerprint Impression Kit

Fingerprint Impression Kit

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Capture your precious fingerprints with our all-inclusive Silicone Impression Kits. Designed to provide a hassle-free experience, each kit contains everything you need to capture the perfect print and prepare it for return. While return postage is not included for standalone kit purchases, rest assured that you can conveniently send the prints to our secure PO BOX for processing.

One remarkable feature of our kits is their versatility. With just one print, you can create multiple pieces of personalised jewellery. The prints can be taken now and preserved for future use, allowing us to recreate additional pieces if desired. Experience the utmost accuracy as our kits ensure precise replication of your unique fingerprints.

To ensure the utmost safety and security, we kindly request that you return the prints in the original shipping box provided. This ensures the integrity of your precious prints throughout the entire process.

Whether you're still exploring jewellery options or ready to create a cherished piece, our silicone impression kits offer a convenient solution. Capture your prints at home, in hospice, or have them sent directly to funeral homes and directors. Detailed instructions are included for easy guidance. 

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