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Modern Fingerprint - Mens Modern Tag

Modern Fingerprint - Mens Modern Tag

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Make a modern statement with our Modern Tag Fingerprint Pendant. This unique piece is created using your own fingerprint or the fingerprint of a loved one, allowing you to carry their presence with you always. The pendant can feature multiple fingerprints, and for added personalization, we offer double-sided engraving with a name or date on the reverse. Whether you choose to use existing fingerprints, capture new ones at home, or use our ink-based printing kit, we ensure the utmost attention to detail. The pendant measures 25mm by 15mm by 1.8mm, making it a substantial yet elegant piece. Crafted with care and expertise, this pendant is a beautiful way to honor and celebrate the special connections in your life. Made from robust materials like sterling silver and gold, it's an ideal piece to add to any outfit or occasion. 

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