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Modern Fingerprint - Bar Pendant

Modern Fingerprint - Bar Pendant

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Discover the perfect blend of modern style and sentimental connection with our Contemporary Fingerprint Pendants. Crafted to be worn every day, these stylish pendants feature the fingerprints of your loved ones, creating a personal and meaningful piece of jewelry. The pendants can accommodate double-sided prints and multiple prints on the same bar, making them a truly customized keepsake. Each pendant measures 1cm across and 3cm in length. Capture the fingerprints using our traditional black ink method on paper. If you already have fingerprints on file, simply share a clear photograph or high-quality scan. Handmade to order in our Auckland Studio, each piece is unique, and the finish and print placement will vary based on the fingerprint's definition and size. Embrace the beauty of individuality with these contemporary fingerprint pendants. These fingerprint keepsakes make for a meaningful and unique gift, you can make them a one-of-a-kind treasure. It's a timeless reminder of your loved one that you can have with you wherever you go.

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