The Lil Heart Welcomes Colour Jewellery.

The Lil Heart Welcomes Colour Jewellery.

Turn your children drawings into a stunning piece of coloured jewellery, hold onto that special drawing in a whole new and exciting way! Colours are bright and many, Made in New Zealand from quality Sterling Silver and polished to perfection. These make the perfect gift, she will love and remember.

All we need is a clear photograph or scan of your child's drawing. Try to avoid shadows and keep the page flat if using your mobile phone or tablet to capture the photo.

If there are small parts of the drawing that need altering, writing removed features enhancing or marks removing. We can easily do this in our studio and send you a preview before you commit to your piece being made.

'The lil Heart' is fast becoming one of the biggest and well-known keepsake jewellery businesses in New Zealand. We specialist in a wide range of custom jewellery pieces. We fuse the best of modern and traditional jewellery practices to bring you precise and long-lasting jewellery you will treasure for many years to come. We work predominantly in 925 Sterling silver. We have gold, gold plated, Rose Gold, Brass and Bronze options available. We offer Lay-by services.

Check out our full range on the website for New Zealand's largest range of Handprint and footprint Jewellery, or get in touch with us to commission your own personal piece to keep your family close.

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