Unofficial Guide to Fathers Day Gifts!

With Fathers day just around the corner and two kids aged 6 and 2, I feel like I'm good at fathers day gig! But the issue with making as many cool pieces as we do, we are inundated with our drawing and handprint keyrings! 

So its time to get creative and have a look at what else is out there that has the personal touch without breaking the bank (or my sanity). So with a bit of time on my hand here is my go-to suggestions for memorable fathers day gifts with the DIY twist!

Use those Handprints!

Handprints in the fronts of books! Double bonus if it's a classic they can read together at bedtime, giving mum some much needed time out! As handprints and babies can be a messy affair, do onto a blank piece of paper and then cut out or alternatively we sell our inkless printing kits here! You can even cut out any smudges! 

Gifts that keep on giving! 

Get your art on!

Use your camera!

The whole photo montage is a rpersonalised gifts for dad father day nz
eally simple and effective way to create an art piece! We used the card for our letters, printed out an outline on A4 paper and stuck onto card! If you are needing more robust letters, you can pick them up from the spotlight, look sharp or your local craft emporium. Definitely, recommend choosing a word like dad or papa that has a repeating letterpersonalised gifts for dad

r as little people tire easily and end up having more fun with the letters! 
We found the frames cheaply from the warehouse, but check Briscoes, Kmart and local photo shops. You can also print directly to canvas if you are wanting to big. 



personalised photo gifts for dad father papa nzPhone cameras and your local photo printers make great gift ideas for dad. Came across this idea and we love it! Awesome one when you don't have kids who pull faces at the camera! Click on the photo for the link on how they did it!



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