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Black Mess Free/Ink-less Fingerprints, Hand and Foot Printing Kit

Black Mess Free/Ink-less Fingerprints, Hand and Foot Printing Kit

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Capture every intricate detail with our High-Detail Inkless Hand and Footprint Kit. Designed for preserving the unique fingerprints of your loved ones, this kit includes 4 A5 sheets of special paper and a magic ink-less wipe. Whether you want to create a treasured keepsake or simply enjoy the artistry of fingerprints, our kit ensures precise and high-quality impressions.

As you gently wipe the towlet on the finger, a translucent liquid is left behind. Pressing the finger onto the paper will reveal a clear and intricate fingerprint that captures the individuality of each person. The kit is suitable for capturing fingerprints in high detail, making it perfect for personal mementos, crafts, or artistic projects.

Our inkless kit is safe and easy to use, with full instructions provided. Clean-up is a breeze—simply wash the finger with warm soapy water to remove any residue. Celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of fingerprints with this exceptional kit.

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