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The Lil Heart

Handwriting - Round Charm

Handwriting - Round Charm

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Capture the essence of your love and heartfelt sentiments with our personalized handwritten love letter bracelet charm. This exquisite charm is crafted to perfection, featuring the actual handwriting of your loved one in their own unique style. Whether you choose to use a new or existing piece of writing, our deep engraving technique ensures that the message is intricately etched into the charm, creating a stunning and lasting tribute.

Compatible with popular bracelet brands, including Pandora, this charm seamlessly integrates into your bracelet collection, allowing you to showcase the depth of your emotions with a personal touch. Each charm is meticulously handmade to order in Auckland, New Zealand, using high-quality materials such as sterling silver or 9ct/18ct gold.

With its approximate size of 8mm wide, 8mm deep, and 8mm high, this charm makes a meaningful and visually striking addition to any bracelet. Every time you run your fingers over the engraved writing, you'll be reminded of the love and affection conveyed through the words.

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