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Modern Fingerprints - Charm Bracelet Beads

Modern Fingerprints - Charm Bracelet Beads

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Capture the unique fingerprint of your loved ones with our beautiful fingerprint charms. Each charm is meticulously crafted to transfer your fingerprint onto our charm beads, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that celebrates individuality. These tactile charms are the perfect addition to your charm bracelet, symbolizing cherished moments and personal connections.

Handmade in our Auckland studio, our fingerprint charms are created with care and precision, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. Choose from sterling silver or 9ct/18ct gold to suit your style and preference. The charms measure approximately 9mm wide, 9mm deep, and 9mm high, and are compatible with popular bracelet brands, including Pandora.

Experience the joy of wearing a personalized fingerprint charm that holds the essence of your loved ones' hands. Each charm is a testament to the unique bond you share, beautifully packaged in a Little Heart Presentation box. Embrace the sentimental significance of these charms and treasure the memories they represent.

We do not sell or stock bracelets at this time, but are happy to customise to fit your braclet of choice. 

Check out our FAQ or Message us for more information.
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