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The Lil Heart

Fingerprint Pendant - Small Heart

Fingerprint Pendant - Small Heart

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Find solace and connection with our Small Heart Fingerprint Pendant. Handcrafted in New Zealand, this delicate piece captures the unique fingerprint of your loved one, providing a tangible symbol of remembrance. The pendant measures approximately 15mm by 15mm, offering a light and versatile design suitable for everyday wear. Each fingerprint is skillfully centered within the heart, creating a heartfelt connection that brings comfort and strength. Whether the fingerprint is subtly offset or covers the entire surface, this personalized pendant serves as a gentle reminder of the bond you share. Perfect for individuals with tiny fingers, small fingers, or even children, it offers a meaningful way to carry their presence with you. This fingerprint pendant is made from durable sterling silver, crafted to last a lifetime. It's an empowering and meaningful way to remember your loved one and keep them close to your heart.

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