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My Paw Print

My Paw Print - Cufflinks

My Paw Print - Cufflinks

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Our sterling silver cufflinks offer a beautiful and meaningful way to honor your cherished pet. Whether it's your faithful canine companion, majestic horse, affectionate feline friend, or adorable bunny, our cufflinks can be customized with their unique paw print.

Each pair of cufflinks is carefully handmade, ensuring that they are not only stylish but also hold a special connection to your animal friend. Made from locally sourced sterling silver, our cufflinks are crafted for longevity and durability.

Capturing your pet's paw print is easy and convenient. You can use our inkless print kit, which allows you to obtain a clear and mess-free impression of their paw. Alternatively, if your pet has left clear muddy tracks on the kitchen floor or lounge suite, we can work with a photo of the print and transform it into a stunning cufflink design. Our skilled artisans will work their magic to create a unique and personalized piece that captures the essence of your pet.

The cufflink faces measure approximately 14mm x 14mm, providing a noticeable yet refined size that adds a touch of elegance to any attire. Each pair of cufflinks comes presented in a gift box, making them ready for gifting or safekeeping. Whether you're looking for a special gift for a pet owner or want to commemorate your own furry friend, our sterling silver cufflinks are a heartfelt choice.

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